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A wealth of opportunity ahead: Human Resources 4.0

A wealth of opportunity ahead: Human Resources 4.0

Turbo-driven efficiency into the future: trends such as demographic change and the catalyst of digitisation offer major opportunities in the sphere of human resources management. Anyone who has understood this and who is determined to achieve a smart combination of technology, data evaluation and agile personnel planning and organisation, is onto a winner.

Providing inspiration

However, we should start at the beginning: At RSRG, the basis for the future and a shared understanding of personnel management lies in the “HR DNA”. Essentially it is this that shapes the identity, the working culture and the strategic direction of the corporate Group. Melissa Jäger, Head of Corporate Human Resources and member of Group Management at Rhomberg Sersa explains “We see ‘people’ as the key to everything, and are convinced that social transformation comes before digital transformation. Only good, contented employees will provide high quality work for our customers”. And how is the journey on the digital train to the future progressing? The answer lies in social interaction: the digital talents of tomorrow are directly addressed by the use of social media and a transparent and fast application process (“candidate experience”). And existing employees will be picked up and carried along too. In addition to an aptitude for digital transformation, self-organised, collaborative learning and working are also on the itinerary.

Professional arrivals and growing together

You can grow accustomed to many things: experience or challenges faced, for example. Employees in traditional, family-run company groups, in addition to a safe and international working environment, also find great opportunities for growth. The companies of RSRG offer their employees locally customised, sound professional training and career development opportunities. Market-specific employer branding concepts resonate very positively on the recruitment market, attracting the attention of new talent (potential employees). Moreover, international internships, such as those in Australia, are being offered for qualified and motivated graduates, career starters and young professionals.

The power lies in the leadership: RSRG leadership academy

Strong leaders support their employees through processes of change. Rhomberg Sersa Corporate Human Resources in an internal empirical study is raising the requirements for both present and future leaders “We are switching tracks and heading for the future – and we will succeed if we are all pulling on the same lever” Jäger concludes.

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