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Customer Magazine “Keep Track“ - fresh of the press

Customer Magazine “Keep Track“ - fresh of the press

The focus of this year's issue is on values of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.

Values regulate our collaboration, both internally and externally. They provide us with a framework for what we do and give us security. But values are "valueless" if they are not lived by. The magazine is intended to remind us and our customers of what we stand for: Innovation, sustainability, reliability, fairness, transparency.

You will find examples that we live by these values on countless pages of the "Keep Track", whether it's one of our projects in Ireland, Ulm-Wendlingen, Wiener Neustadt, Regensburg, Toronto (Canada), in the Lower Engadine or in the Hunter Valley (Australia), or the various innovations we present in this issue.

Please feel free to order your personal magazine also via e-mail to info(at)rsrg.com.


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