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Rail Grinding in Toronto

Rail Grinding in Toronto

Smoothening Toronto’s Streetcar Ride

Last June our GRail grinding crew completed their first leg of the 3-year grinding frame work contract with Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Streetcar Way, also nicknamed the “Red Rocket”.

Our grinding team, consisting of David Derbowka, Steve Kenny and Team Leader Andrew Martin alongside James Morren as the mechanical supervisor, led once again a successful grinding campaign, this time concentrating on removing corrugation.

Prior to the to the project a pre-survey of approximately 70km (track kilometers) was carried out highlighting the corrugated areas of TTC's network. Based on the findings a comprehensive grinding work plan was established.

In this year’s stint approximately 8’600m of track meters of corrugation was treated in 25 shifts. This amidst the challenging and never ending down town Toronto traffic! “

“TTC would like to thank Rhomberg Sersa and your team this year. Rhomberg Sersa’s team lead by Andrew Martin have been professional and efficient with the time allotted to grind this year.
Also, the survey report that was provided this year was a document that Rhomberg Sersa has done a great job with the package they provided.
Once again TTC would like to thank your team for the great job they have done this year.”
(Remark made by TTC Project Supervisor)

A job well done!