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Sersa Total Track and Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada Become Rhomberg Sersa North America

Sersa Total Track and Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada Become Rhomberg Sersa North America

The Canadian divisions of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, Sersa Total Track Ltd., and its sister company Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada Ltd. merged to streamline its administration, capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure across the region and North America.

Sersa Total Track Ltd., with its base in Mallorytown, is a track construction company that specializes in track maintenance and has been part of the community since 2009. Sersa Total Track worked many years carrying out track construction and maintenance works for many freight lines, industrial clients and VIA Rail, just to name a few.

Established in Mallorytown in 2014 Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada was originally set up to promote and introduce Rhomberg Sersa Rail track technologies and its products to the North American market. Since then Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada has worked successfully for Toronto Transit Commission, OC Transpo in Ottawa, VIA Rail as well as for companies in the US.

By merging both companies we are creating a solid foundation for our current employees and future business growth in Mallorytown and its surrounding areas.

About the Group:
The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group is an infrastructure company with a major focus on rail as an internationally accredited specialist provider of rail systems technology, rail construction infrastructure and rail equipment.
As a full railway engineering service provider Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (www.rhomberg-sersa.com) offers a comprehensive range of railway construction, infrastructure and service products. Its portfolio ranges from track construction, track renewal, track maintenance and the rehabilitation of railway tunnels, to railway power supply and communication technology, through to consultancy, planning and design, and logistics services.
Originating in 1886, the group had sales of $614 in 2017 with more than 2000 staff operating on 4 continents. The Group's focus is on customer-oriented and tailor-made solutions for light rail, main-line railways, freight lines and private infrastructure with a world leading high production rail maintenance machine capability and a leading provider of innovative and cost effective ‘whole of life’ solutions for the construction and long-term management and maintenance solutions of all types of conventional ballasted and slab track systems.

Core competencies Rhomberg Sersa Rail North America offers:

  • High production resurfacing machines
  • High production ballast cleaning machines
  • Rail profile grinders for urban transit networks
  • Rail milling trucks and trains
  • Transition Modules from Ballast to Bridge Deck
  • Slab Track Technology, Construction and Maintenance
  • Surveying Technology
  • Slab Track Installation Technology