Scam Alert

Cybercriminals are actively using Rhomberg Sersa company information, available in the public domain, to impersonate our employees under the guise of offering ‘At Home’ employment opportunities. Further, the scammers conduct online interviews posing as Rhomberg Sersa staff, send out fraudulent employment offers, then send a fraudulent cheque to the applicant and ask the applicant to pay for items to engage in the fraudulent employment. These payments are then routed to the scammers.

Rhomberg Sersa does not engage any employees in North America for ‘At Home’ roles. We would never ask any employee to provide payment on our behalf, and we would never engage any employee without a face to face meeting.

If you are targeted, be aware that Online advertising scams can also be reported directly to the search engine using tools for submitting violations.

October 2022