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Second Life System SLS®

Second Life System SLS®

Life extending renovation of wooden and concrete sleepers for track sections and switches

Schraubenlochsanierung SLS

The patented Second Life System SLS® combines the re-fitting of sleeper screws and sleeper nails with the making of gauge and guide width.

The process reduces maintenance costs, avoids additional line closures and can extend the service life of track and switch systems by 5-10 years, provided repairs are carried out at the right time.

What we can do for you:

  • Restoring a tight screw fit (pouring out and reinforcing of the screw hole)
  • Solidifying contact areas under plates
  • Recovering the correct track and guide width
  • Correcting track superelevation
  • Compensating for sleeper deflection (in switches)
  • Position correction of ribbed plates

Your benefits:

  • Extension of service life by more than 5 years (5 years guarantee)
  • Track is ready for operation immediately after renovation
  • Conversion work can be delayed by at least 5 years (alignment with other conversion work possible)
  • Less material wear on superstructure and rolling stock = lower maintenance costs
  • Optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • More comfortable for passengers due to improved operating conditions
  • CO² reduction based on longer availability of infrastructure
Schraubenlochsanierung SLS